Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

Broad Reach Sales Activity Monitoring (SAM) is an easy to use, web based tool that enables companies to improve all aspects of sales execution success. Companies can now monitor the success factors of the sales plan, marketing campaigns, and individual sales people’s activity towards generating and closing business.

Clients use SAM because of:

The Solution

Broad Reach Sales Activity Monitoring (SAM) allows quick measuring and monitoring of critical activities that affect sales success. The sales and marketing plan success factors can be monitored, which also includes each individual sales activities. The system allows you to easily put business rules in the system that will automatically flag red, yellow, or green to highlight important bad or good events or activities. The system gives visibility to how activity directly affects goals in real-time. Linking goals to actions while automatically flagging exceptions, gives managers a way to proactively coach to success.

In addition to tracking sales persons activity you can set up tracking for any initiatives, campaigns or success factors that contribute to increasing sales. The sales plan or even the corporate strategy has goals and strategies that will directly impact sales. There success factors related to those goals, strategies and initiatives that need to be measured and monitored for to know if they are being executed successfully.

Broad Reach Sales Activity Monitoring helped me focus my team on the activities needed to drive new business this year, and we are the #1 region in terms of sales and new business opportunities.”

SBC Regional Sales Director, SBC DataComm

The following diagram shows the success factor measures of a sales plan or any initiative or campaign.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to set up and use Sales Activity Monitoring for Sales People. You just enter:

  1. Names and email addresses of your sales team
  2. Sales cycle activity steps
  3. Points for each activity and flag rules (optional)

Easy to Setup and Use

We enter the names of the sales people and the sales cycle steps for the product or service. The names will display on the team map that will be visible to the sales manager. This is where ‘flags’will show up to highlight positive or negative activity levels based on the points and rules for each weeks activity.

Benefits of our Sales Activity Monitoring System

Broad Reach Sales Activity Monitoring System allows companies to measure, monitor, and manage previously ‘hard to measure’activities that significantly impact bottom line performance. For a free needs analysis or to request more detailed information on how Broad Reach Sales Activity Monitoring System can significantly improve results in your sales activities, call us at (847) 441-1851 or fill in the form below.

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